An Extraordinary Life Begins With Bravery

Meet Brock Predovich

Serial entrepreneur, poet, world traveler, practical health hacker, resilience coach.

What I'm working on:

Peace of mind for any project. We help you find vetted service providers and protect your money until the job gets done. 

We help startups start! Take your idea from imagination to reality. Full stack MVP development for app and hardware products.

A Sample of Guest Podcasts & Videos

Resilient Stories I Draw From

Held back in 3rd grade because I couldn't read (dyslexia) and ended up graduating from the Air Force Academy and becoming a behavioral scientist in the Air Force.

Former collegiate athlete. Football, rugby and NCBA All-American boxer (really good story behind why I did boxing... I was actually scared to death to do it).

Suicide survivor. Stuggled with depression most of my life but broke free from negative thought patterns when I turned 30.

Spent a year homeless, sleeping in my car and driving for Lift/Uber while launching a business incubator program in Denver.

Traveled to 24 countries, including volunteer work in Nepal and Thailand. Lived in Bali for 5 years.

Went through a severe motorcycle accident, dengue fever, and back surgery all within a 4 month time-frame. Developed PSTD and Bruxism as a result which led to me inventing, patenting and manufacturing a wearable diagnostic/therapeutic solution for bruxism. 

Self-funded previous startup building garden sheds and greenhouses. Got stiffed by a client, which led to my current startup Trustio.

What Listeners Say

I was surprised at how much I felt seen when, on paper, we should have nothing in common. You were open about everything from pain to ignorance and growth. It felt like I was listening to a big brother. Thank you for the relatable and peaceful wisdom.

Adrienne Hollie

Founder Velvet Hammer Events

Such an amazing and valuable podcast. I know that it's not that easy to do that publicly, but I am sure it will help people out there going through hard times. 

Vadim Savin

Founder/YouTube host of notJust․dev

Topics of Expertise

Mental Strength

How to develop a resilient mind.

Cultivating Bravery

How to do the things that scare you.

Becoming a Mountain

How to become unmoveable in your path.

Living Symbolically

Finding meaning in the ups and downs of life.


How to build a team that trusts and serves each other in pursuit of any goal.

Health Hacks

Simple diet and exercise hacks to build a better, more resilient body and mind.


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