Meet Brock

Serial entrepreneur, poet, world traveler, practical health hacker, lover of spicy food and mentally the strongest person on the planet (self-proclaimed ;)

What I'm working on:

An invoicing, payment, and project management platform for service based businesses to help them drastically shorten thier sales cycle, run their businesses risk-free and build a powerful referral system of raving fans.

A Sample of Guest Podcasts & Videos

Resilient Stories I Draw From

Held back in 3rd grade because I couldn't read (dyslexia) and ended up graduating from the Air Force Academy and becoming a behavioral scientist in the Air Force.

Former collegiate athlete. Football, rugby and NCBA All-American boxer (really good story behind why I did boxing... I was actually scared to death to do it).

Suicide survivor. Stuggled with depression most of my life but broke free from negative thought patterns when I turned 30.

Spent a year homeless, sleeping in my car and driving for Lift/Uber while launching a business incubator program in Denver.

Traveled to 24 countries, including volunteer work in Nepal and Thailand. Lived in Bali for 5 years.

Went through a severe motorcycle accident, dengue fever, and back surgery all within a 4 month time-frame. Developed PSTD and Bruxism as a result which led to me inventing, patenting and manufacturing a wearable diagnostic/therapeutic solution for bruxism. 

Self-funded previous startup building garden sheds and greenhouses. Got stiffed by a client, which led to my current startup Trustio.

What Listeners Say

I was surprised at how much I felt seen when, on paper, we should have nothing in common. You were open about everything from pain to ignorance and growth. It felt like I was listening to a big brother. Thank you for the relatable and peaceful wisdom.

Adrienne Hollie

Founder Velvet Hammer Events

Such an amazing and valuable podcast. I know that it's not that easy to do that publicly, but I am sure it will help people out there going through hard times. 

Vadim Savin

Founder/YouTube host of notJust․dev

Topics of Expertise

Mental Strength

How to develop a resilient mind.

Cultivating Bravery

How to do the things that scare you.

Becoming a Mountain

How to become unmoveable in your path.

Living Symbolically

Finding meaning in the ups and downs of life.


How to build a team that trusts and serves each other in pursuit of any goal.

Health Hacks

Simple diet and exercise hacks to build a better, more resilient body and mind.


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